uSizo Lwanamuhla is a Zulu phrase which means the help of today.

Few words could explain more accurately the organisational culture and philosophy of this black empowered, specialist consultation Non-Profit Organisaton. The organisation's slogan and motto "Relevant, Intergrated, Empowered" - attributes itself to transformation and investment in its greatest asset, its people. The organisation`s growth and improvement represent the values of success, excellence, teamwork, communication and integrity.

It has become obvious to all that the whole world is devastated by HIV/AIDS and TB. The problem has been, for both traditional and western health practitioners, with people dying because of what are seen as "conflicting" healing methods. Notwithstanding the fact that HIV is preventable, infection rates continue to rise throughout the developing world and life expectancy in many African countries has decreased from around 60 years to less than 40 years. The problem of HIV/AIDS and TB in Africa remains as a terrible scar on the world's sense of right and wrong.....Read more

uSizo Lwanamuhla is a NON-PROFIT Organization Registered with the Appropriate Governmental Bodies and SARS

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